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i know that it never goes away
all i feel, everything i'm not today
so i try and i try to make everything right
i don't feel like i'm doing it, it affects me


you wouldn't listen even if i told you
who the fuck am i to say?
you're too busy with the lies they sold you
another cure to fix your day
open wide for all the shit they feed you
while the TV defecates
and blindly walk wherever they will lead you
while the edges slowly fray

i know that everything can change
what i need is to open up again
so never again will i look back in vain
cuz today's not the past,
i don't need to relive it


are you satisfied?
i've given all i can and are you pacified
or do you want more from me?


i've learned that this life's not just a game
just a line between the pleasures and the pain



Fray / Staind

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