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Time Bomb

i am in a living hell makes me wonder if im alive

cant seem to bring myself to figure out why

i shove and i pull away to the things

that i call you every night

i cant seem to break you down

but i know ill come around...

i feel your pins through my eyes piercing me

lie down in all this piss

you drink it from me every night

i live in a world of shit been left here to die

sometimes i realize my mind is meant to go away

never have i seen your god

so why should i belive in faith

i feel your pins through my eyes

piercing me all the time

another time bomb

i never find the time to to find another fuckin place

im a bad motherfucker who lives it everyday

you never look at me now

you never look me in the face

im a time bomb baby


Time Bomb / Godsmack

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