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...And the world was young. And it was cruel and beautiful.

And it was full of heroes and titans who were fighting and

cognizing the world.

In that time people souls were nalve and child-like

happily. People saw life in everything and the surrounding

nature meant for them something what not everybody living

now can understand. And thay believe in Gods who were

different in names but same in essence. Those Gods came

to the Earth from the old ages, when all living was dark and

cruel and lifeless - light and reconciling. In those ages

intellect did not exist and its place was occupied by instinct -

a formidable weapon, leading to death... Monsters

possessed this weapon, whose horror was later called Hell,

and there was no a single creature who had not spent their

life in struggle for everything.

When the Gods descended on the Eartg and saw that

savage chaos they were puzzled and horrified by the

scenery. And so they created the first people, who got three

things really majestic - intellect, wisdom and feelings. And

every God had the telns of government of a soul, and the

Gods of darkness gave evil genius to intellect, misanthropy

to wisdom and hatred to feelings; and the Gods of light gave

clearness of thought to intellect, kindness to wisdom and

love to feelings. And people, having opened their eyes, saw

the fear of life and prayed for remorse and salvation,

because man is weak, and God is omnipotent. So the Gods

saved the people from the savage chaos and peace and light

started reigning.

But Evil retired to darkness awaiting for the reveal and

began to send grief and pain; suffering enfered the even

part of intellect and started to destroy the people from

Inside. Darkness moved to light and wars, murders

and depravity descended on the

Blood /

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