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Art School Canteen

Let me tell you what it's all about

Walking round with your talent hanging out

I'm feeling ragged as a scrubber's tights

Must have had too much to paint

Last night's routine

Art school canteen

Art school canteen

Art school canteen

Come in late and go home earlier

One day a week or maybe less

So I lied about the funeral

I was really playing chess

But I was seen

By the coffee machine

Art school canteen

I'd cut my ear off to spite my face

But it's been done

No, maybe that's too weird

I'd better sketch it out on Kodatrace

And redesign my beard

Does getting into Zappa

Mean getting out of Zen

Sex has reared its ugly head at last

But it didn't look ugly then

Begin the Beguine

Art school canteen

Art school canteen

Art School Canteen /

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