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Holy And Bright

A new star's shining on an ancient story

That can take your mind to new horizons

Where laughter and adventure crosses borders

Of time and place to love and wisdom

You'll find roads into your imagination

That can stretch and open far and forever

(You'll) See colors transcending even rainbows

We have so much we can discover

There's a star that's shining through the darkness

(Shining holy and bright)

So follow that star that can guide us now

(Oh so holy and bright)

Lighting childlike purity

In the dusty corners of our mind

(*) Holy, holy and bright

A star is shining so holy and bright

Holy, holy and bright

Never let it go out of your sight

---chorus part---

(Gold and silver, star of wonder

Ah-holy and bright

Gold and silver, star of wonder

Ah-out of your sight)

repeat from the beginning

* repeat and Fade out

Holy And Bright /

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