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In Silence Forever

Welcome to a trip with me

Inside my brain to insanity

A guided journey to misery

You listen to what I say

I don't know you, you know my name

We sit and talk and you're gettin paid

I can't explain how I feel

When everyone is judging me

I hope you find the reasons why

I'm sittin here and almost cry

It cuts so deep inside of me

But at the same time I feel complete

Is life a mission or is it a gift

I can't think more see you next week

What would you think if I told you the truth

In this world we are born to loose

The thoughts I have is makin me

So afraid for reality

I'm sittin here in the chair again

Speakin emotions direct from my brain

I can't tell this to anyone

Just the ones there trust is found

Maybe you think I'll be better of dead

But I just wanna know who I am


In Silence Forever / Godgory

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