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 Godgory Godgoryметалл-гуппа


You let the world I love grow weak

And won't listen as I speak

Of children dying for profit's sake

You modern version of the snake

Innocent's fill the nameless graves

Their way out from life as slaves

You are a demon, a living curse

with a fat and bursting purse

Here comes that feeling again (I wanna scream)

There is a burning anger inside of me

It drows as life grows colder

I wanna make, I wanna make you pay for your sins

I wanna make, I wanna make you pay crush your skull

I wanna make, I wanna make you pay

The curse lives on inside of me

As I grow up with your eyes I see

We walk around with heats like stones

Your values breed onto our bones

I know the sale of another tank

Bring loads of money to the bank

But still I fight and struggle within

To be free from my father's sin


Leavetaking / Godgory

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