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Rotten in Peace

The terror comes at the end of the day

When all my strength has withered away

The flow of time has touch so cold

Its freezing me as I grow old

I pass into another sleepless night

to carry on this endless fight

To reach the stars and find peace of mind

But I am lost I stumble like behind

Struggle on all in vanity

Struggle on lose my sanity

Here they come again (madness)

At the end of the day I lie

In darkness I start to sweat

As anguish embrace my soul

I'm crying at twelve a clock

The shadows starts to dance

I'm spinning I see them

Whirl in the shadows dance


Oh my god I feel so alone

This nightmare wears me to the bone

Nowhere to run? nowhere to hide

The terror twists me from inside

Everynight it's all the same

the shadows play their wicked game

Just when I think I've scaped the pain

The shadows rise and come again

My sins are haunting me over and over again

I am on my knees praying for morning to come

But the night is long, seems that it will never end

when the sun won't come and chase all the shadows away

Then at last the first sun ray

Marks the begining of another day

I look around all the shadows are gone

And for a while I am left alone

But I know I will never be free

Cause the shadows are living inside of me

And everyday when the night draws near

I start to tremble and shiver with fear

Struggle on all in vanity

Struggle on lose my sanity

Here they come again (help me)

At the end of the day I lie...


Rotten in Peace / Godgory

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