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Sick to the Core

Cold December night darkness descending outside

Surrounded by silence and time

Dreams start to arise

I wish it was real I wish it was life

Escape from reality

All the dreams I have and I want them to come true

It will never happen wouldn't you be broken too

I sit here alone with all the dreams in my head

Please stop messin with me, stop messin with my head

When I close my eyes I still can see

All the beautiful places where I never been

I wish I could see this in reality

But I can only have it in my fantasy

Escape from reality

The places I have seen with my eyes closed

They are printed in my mind them I never lose

I can't visit them but they can't be taken away

In my memory forever they will stay

Sadness overcomes me my soul is unleashed

I spoke to my master who guides me in my dreams

I enter my dream world with tears in my eyes

Hunger for the beauty reality starts to die

I'm longing for my dreams everynight

cause they make justice to my life

When I feel the fear I start to dream

Reality I no longer can see

Escape from reality

If I don't have my dreams I don't have anything

All would be senseless why can't life be a dream

I'll try so hard to see joy in reality

But I have my dreams that's all that matters to me


Sick to the Core / Godgory

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