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Mistress Of Inferno

Loving lips were moving like tasting tangerine

Paradox of beautiness dead like a cold machine

Light absorbing hair raven black like hell

Female darkness evil forces now in her dwell

Masses sensuality in the rhythm of her breath

Eternal slaves of passion follow her into death

Addicted to her vice pearling like blood-red dawn

Captive of her thralldom since the day you were born


Under the blind eyes of faith

She poisoned my convulsive breath

Cyanided by her viper-tongue

I make this love to my death

Lead your lewdy tongue across the goblet's brim

To penetrate her dark secret existance lying in

This loathing condence by which she makes her lovers drunk

So drink and never return from the delirium of pain

King beyond the threshold of her reign


Mistress of inferno no way to turn her on

She's a daughter of all evil supreme carrion

You have degraded yourself by acting as her slave

All your life and now she's shitting on your grave!


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