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Тори Эймос Тори ЭймосАмериканская певица, пианистка, композитор и автор песен

That's What I Like Mick(The Sandwich Song)

Cheese and onion sandwiches on derby chinaware

Fiddles and jigs and Woogie my dog and TV havin' a swear

Takin' my dad for a pint or two, a Sunday morning stroll

Licorice pipes and baggy suits, Glen Hoddle scorin' a goal

Catchin' a pike and ridin' my bike on wooden wheels and a bowl of eels

Yes... that's what I like, boy

That's what I like

Pie and mash and liquor, walking about in the rain

William Brookes and comical looks, pianos, trams and trains

Colds and cockles and thunderstorms, place on the wireless and now

Grandfather clocks and coke and brandy, fountain pens and Beano and Dandy

That's what I like, I said

hey, that's what I like

Little pubs out in the country, Mother Pearl and Bernard Faire

The sound of a banjo, barbershop singing and having a kip in the chair

Burnt toast, a beer from the wood and old Jerry Thomas' teeth

Jerry and Chuck and Cannon and Ball, a banjo pickin' Bill Keith

And old bank loads, wood burnin' stoves and Shirley MacLaine

And petticoat lane

That's what I like, I said

That's what I like, yes boy

Yes, that's just, ohh

Bubble and squeak and jumble sales, Little Richard and Jerry Lee

Bonfire night and south and that's paddlin' in the sea

Polished brass and copper, Salvation Army bands

Violins and old coach inns and colored elastic bands

Tea in the mornin' and winter beginnin' and fishin' lines

And frogs and Spurs are winning

Yes that's what I like

Hey, that's what I like

A day at the races, cover the bases, goin' out hoppin in Kent

A new pair of braces, little kids faces sleeping under the tent

And wagons, chickens and pickin' blackberries and swallows and sledges

And Devon and derries

And haddock and trotters and horses and knickers and swatters and stickers

And banjo, and kippers

Yeah, that's what I like, boy

That's what I like

Тори Эймос

That's What I Like Mick(The Sandwich Song) / Тори Эймос

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