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The End Of Eternity

Tell me what I see, are the sands of time ending for me?

Tell me the stories untold, 'cause I know that tomorrow won't come

Let me feel the forgotten fears of our darkest dreams

Take me to the hidden valleys, show me your mighty kingdom


I'm dead, but can you feel my still warm remains?

Is this the end of eternity?

My pale cranium lies on dreaming deserts

(Repeat chorus)

And now I see the glories of your divine worlds

I wander ahead through grotesque pleasures

Take me into your mind

Let me feel the lustful desires

I want to copulate with it all

"Like the man Adam knew his wife Eve"

I know that you can't give my life back

Why don't you take me away from this rotting body?

And burn my soul in frozen flames 'till I understand

(Repeat 1st verse

The End Of Eternity /

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