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 God Dethroned God Dethronedрок группа

Christ Carnage

Strorming the gates of hell

Christ carnage

Warlords lead you the death

With a frenzy in their eyes

It's a chaos in your realm

You attack my world endlessly

But I'm crushing your skull and your neck


The messenger of death, he's fallen from the skies

The signs of terror, arrival of the lord of flies

Chopping like a mill, dismember the skull from your neck

Hacking around me, the earth is water'd with blood

The last holocaust, begins with the final attack

War, blood flows like a stream into the sea

Countless bodies

Cover the earth

Nocturnal wars

Balance the sign of the cross

Christ carnage christ carnage!!!!

God Dethroned

Christ Carnage / God Dethroned

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