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Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire

This Touch Of A Losting Life Awaits An Impeity Of Pain

A Life Taken Into Its Own Hands Falls On Countless Journies

Can You Feel The Fallen Ages?

This Timeless Slumber From Cold

These Frail Fingers To Untouch A Life... This New Mold

At Long Lasting Emptiness In Sunken Warmth

Fused Into One Being For All Eternity

Tasting A Bitter Delight For This Last Transgression Of Praise

The Winds Are Blown From An Opposite Plane To Conjure The Eternal Flame

As I Drown In The Poisoned River

Breathing A Last Breath In Escape

Visualize A Lost Approach To The Beginning Of A New Man

This Kiss Of The Accursed On Virgin Lips

The Dirty Angel Of All Utmost Sympathy, Praised

Smouldering In Forgotten

A Cursed Stone Throne At Those Awaiting This Judgement

View And Isolate Its Unwanted Display Of Power

Swallowing These Sin Submerged Cities With Oceans Of Fire

To Escape In Legend Will Be Unforgiven By All Of Man

Engravings Of A Sunken Race To Return To Land

Uncovered City Beneath The Sands

Mighty Fortresses Covering The Plains Of Crossroads

A Smell Of Screams Burn Through The Air

Grains Of Salt Covering These Grains Of Sand

Sharp Were The Thorns Of This False Kings Fall

As I Stand Upon The Mountain

Staring Into The Blackness

Seize Of Darkness

Seize Of Hatred

Seize Of Evil

I Fear Not For My Life

For I Am One With Death

A Passage Through Sorrow To Taste Winters Breath

All The False Images That Lead The Youth To Damnation

These Lost Years Have Been Written By An Ancient Divine Will

Misfortunes Of The World A Trait To Be Engulfed With Sin

Holding The Hands Of Unvirtue

Entwined Blackness Burns A Creation To Ash

An Ungodliness That Devours Itself, Whole

Manifest This Chaos Of The Arts

Terror In The Minds Eye

A Sick Sea Where Brothers Slay Brothers

Stare Within This Fortold Divine Decree


Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire /

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