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The Beauty In Suffering

The Scarab Of A Thousand Lives

Always Looking To The Light

The Grace Of Man Destroyed In One Day

The Twins Of Twisted Faith

A Mask Of Conjunction To Fulfill A Nightmare

The Blown Sands Of Time... Unkept By The Wise

These Days Are Among Fate... Held By The Condemned Hands

Bitten By The Bug Of Tragedy

Reborn Equinox Of Terror

Pain Uncovered In Torture

This Pureness Running Thru... Fingers Of A Tainted Hourglass

A Crack In The Glass... Will Escape The Boundries Of Life

A Parallel Of Inner Planes

I Am The End Of All Life

These Boundries Not Yet Broken

As Fires Burn

An Offering Of Praise

I Am Stripped Of Flesh

Rejoice In Blasphemy

My Soul Is Devoured

A Colony Of Lepers Travel In Caravans To Spread These Words Of Doom

Demanding Ways To Fellowship Thru Punishment

This Punishment For Guilt

An Inner Justification To Balance The Scale

Outweigh The Virtous Overtones Of Gratification

I Drink Of The Pure Darkness

We Lie In The Coffins Of Our Fathers

The Crimson Moon Has No Remorse For Pride

Dark Serenades To These Midnight Skies

Black God Of Sorcery

The Serpent Of Wisdom... Black Tongue Of Fire

Coming To Take My Hand

To This Eve Of The Black Moon

Hear The Choirs

The Sounds Of Winds That Brought Back Their Cries

Curse Of The Thorn

Once For God In Blood By Tragedy

Reigning Earth For Endless Time

The Beauty In Suffering /

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