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Nocturnal Holocaust

I've Climbed Into The Sun

Burned The Outer Layer

Sucked The World Inside

The Black Light Inside

Covering The Earth With Cold

With The Hands Of All Entirety

Sick Is The Sun

Black As The War Of Lies

I've Felt The Lords Speak-Out

Blackened The Moon

Foretold Plague To Rule

A Kingdom Of Blackness

Now The Wicked Shall Reign

Burn The Faith In Me

Empty Shadows... Left In Witness... Withered Rust

The Hands Bathed... In This Salt... Taste The Lust

Lord Of The Sick... Bringer Of Lies... Covering Your Eyes

Your Wicked Tongue

The Selfish God Above

The Hands Of Destiny

Betray My Innocent Soul

...My Alone

Nocturnal Holocaust /

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