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Lair Of Nastrond

Layer Upon Layer Of Blissful Lies

This Underworld Raised On All Misfortune

I Fly Upon The Wings Of Lucifer

Engulfing This Frail Emotion To Befall All Unearthed

As Bronzed Eyes Swallow All Fear

A Heat Purging Into Hearts Of Conquest

Too Those Who Dare Never To Return

Hiding These Eyes From Blinding Sun

Intertwined In Loving Grace

A Step Closer To Strike In Vain

This Bittter Air Set To Trap

Tasting An Every Move

Movement In Stagered Formation

Leaving A Trail Of Untouched Tides

An Ocean Of Unveiled Prints For Surprise

A Glare Of Stone Sight To Kill

The Fear Of Man Conforms

Questioning A Heresy Of Unjust Ways

This Answer Of Disbelief

His Might Is Built Upon Fear

An Unknowing Of Death

Questioning The Afterlife Of Religion

A Flowing River Of Scales In Continuem Against This Grain

Uninvited Conquest Brought To Its Knees

During This Blood Filled Reign

Only A Devil Shall Speak

The Forked Tongue Of The High One

These Strands Of Rivers Form

Peeling Outer Life To Reveal An Inner Beauty

Reaching Into This Molten River To Cast The Skin To Stone

Lair Of Nastrond /

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