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Whispering Upon Funeral Winds

As The Horde From Hell Rides

Entering The Earth

Raping The Souls

The Living Dead Shall Rise

Apocalypse Destroying All Peace And Holiness

Destroying Light... Eternal Night

Impious Gods Fall To Enlightened Hordes

Twelve Days Pass For The Ruin Of Their Lands

Treaties Fail To Rage A Sea Of 100 Wars

Only Darkness And Death, I Drink Of Pure Darkness

Raping The Earth

Blasphemy Demons Speak To Me, Lying In The Coffins Of Our Fathers

Raping Its Souls

We Who Own The Darkness, Raise The Knife... Plunge It Deep

Destroying All

Into The Heart Of The Weeping Angel, Kiss The Hand Of Satan

Destroying The Light

The Sky Begins To Bleed

The Beginning Of The New Breed

This Freedom Burns In The Fires Of The Earth

Human Heads Are Impaled On Warrior Swords

All Skies Begin To Burn...

A World Of Utmost Desire

Realm Of Endless Pain, Storms Forever Rain

Falling Stars From These Dying Souls Are...

Drifting Into Hell

Laughing At Lost Might

Frozen Nights... Unholy Nights, Souls Are Drifting Into Hell

Heaven Will Fall

Satan Comes To Rule The Earth, Darkened Souls Forever More

Murder Fills The World

I Lie Alone

Burning The Skylight

Ruling The Earth

Seal This Light

I Am The Beheader Of Kings And I Rise Against

The Holy Lands To Betray The Eternity Of Man

Burning Down Everything In Sight... Alone

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