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Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin

The Seething Light Inhales

Breath Of Mourned Delight

Awaiting... The Storm

Blood, Fire, Chaos, And War

From The Black Abyss

Damnation... Of The Pure

Fires Consume Eternity

The Quest For Higher Pain

Endless Trail To An Extinct Plain

Obsessed With The Murdering Hand

This Numbness Covers My Mind

Blind... Slowly

Breaks My Laws

Almighty... Gods Of War

Besiege The Holy Throne

Light... Betrays Me

This Is My Alone

Drifting On The Winds

Beneath Midnight Skies

Coldness Covers My Latent Eyes

Snake Skin Forms To Ignite Sin

Smearing The Hatred Of Disgust

Upon The Faces Of The Meek

Their Lips Burn With The Taste Of Plagued Virtues

The Hands Of Destiny Are Non-Immortal

Deaths Foretold Of Past

Condemned To Repeat This Disease

Loss Of Divinity

Divine Loss Of Sight

Black As The Cold Silence

I've Felt The Wars Of The Empires

Breaking This Seal Inside For The Son Of All Wars

For The Reign Of A Forgotten Faith

Conversion Of The Flame To Fall To Sea

Filling The Oceans With All, Now I Will Become The Seas

I Contest This Prayer To My Hatred

All Man's Lies Fall Into Sea To Exist

Reburn This Seal For A Closing Of Might

The Divine Bound To Writhe Into Eternity

This Is My Blame For The Loss Of The Sky

To Declare War Over These Lips Of Spite

Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin /

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