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Commanding The Legions Of Hell

Speak Forbidden Words

Call The Demon Gods

Holy Blood Will Flow

Upon The Throne Of Satan

I Praise The Dark Name Of Thee


Come Forht From The Black Abyss


Command Thy Armies Of Hell


To This Holy Worlds Demise

To The Never Ending Darkness

To The Obsenities I Yearn For

To The Betrayel Of You All

Man's Mortal Virtue A Ruin For Ages To Speak

A Curse Lain Down For Countless Years

Against All Who Speak Such Evil

A Crown Of Thorns Worn By Warriors Of The Dark Lord

The Forefathers Bastards Of The So-Called Pure

The Souls Ripped Forht To Kill Their Ways... Kill Them All

Beating And Torturing Your God

As The Nails Are Ripped Through Flesh

I Reign Upon The Mountain That Is The Skull

Light Has Fallen, Darkness Engulfs

This Name Never To Be Spoken

I Am The Soul Of The Serpent

Join The Ceremony

Rejoice In Blasphemy

Commanding The Legions Of Hell /

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