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All The Sins

Adulterer... You Are The Whore Of This System

Stone Laws That Are Broken In Time

These Thieves Of Greed To Be Tortured To Teach

To Teach The Wrong Of Man By Punishment

Never Envy Anothers Stance

It Shall Lead To A Bliss Of Self

Burning Blackened Souls

Writhe In The Torments Of Hell

Standing Firm, A Will To Break

These Pieces Of Pride, Shattered

Cold Deathly Embrace

Icy Hands Within

A Dream In Disguse Of A Nightmare

Eclipse Of Dark Covers Souls Of Just

Devouring The Past Years Of Lies

Opening Of The Sky For Lightining Wrath

Sweeping Down For Vengeance

This Civilization Swallowed By Sin

What Is Done Can Not Be Changed

Now You All Shall Feel This Pain

Lost... Is The Icon's Key To Law

Locked Symbolisms To Ruin An Age To Sin

Revolution For Those Of An Ignorant Trait

A Mental War That Grows In Numbers

A Virgin Land Uncovered

This Disease Of Power Spreads

Covering The Lands With Cold

Now History Is Retold

All The Sins /

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