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Verse One:

Rumblefish, breaks heads like dishes

Rumblefish, is quicker than other fishes

Rumblefish, cuz he's the big fish with the death wish

Acting like a Waco, from Texas

Flexes, as he fronts in the stolen Lexus

Don't give a damn cuz the man don't respect us

But this is the plot, three kids at the bus stop

Bumrush the ride, now who's the big shot?

Reach for glock but it's locked on safety

Say G, do you think that blackfish is tasty?

Don't waste me, Rumblefish starts to bleed

But these others fishsticks, they need to feed

But they bleed, cuz Rumblefish is speedy

Plus the fishy bastard don't feed the needy

He's greedy, and he's seedy as shit

So don't be stupid and fuck with the

Rumblefish! He's a Rumblefish!

Better drop down quick when you hear that click!

(repeat 4x)

Verse Two:

Movin movin quick lotta pigs on my dick

Threw the stash in the trash now I be like that slippery nigga

Avoided the trigger pull, you're lucky and shit money

Cop had his gun drawn and dude thought that shit was funny

So I ducked, down an alley way before he could pop it

Rumblefish rollin strong, can't no puny thing stop it

I ain't done shit, persecuted by my color

Blackfish in the stream of a whole lot of others

Contemplatin since birth how to get mines first

I live a life of daily rep, so tell me which is worse

On my way, in a hearse, to the bottom of a pond

Or hustlin for my ducats cold-like gettin it on

In the stream of society, why did they lie to me

Got better things to do than write some white man's biography

So after they dissed, rolled up that spliff

Clenched up my fists and became the


Rumblefish /

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