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My Life

My life a life of shame and regret I dwell in my hole of self pity my heart blackened by self righteous anger I build my world upon sand my time is spent in a constant struggle just for a breath of air but I find I'm continually drowning sinking downward into my despair the things that I trust in when put to the test will not withstand fire but still I rely on my flesh leaving my mind in the grasp of the liar when will I learn when will I turn around and reach for you why can't I see why can't I hear you calling for me always the same I scream louder so I can't hear you whisper my name always the same

I don't want to hear I already know I'm to blame I try myself always to no avail I try myself again only to fail then I turn in my shame and my regret to see you still there Your hand still outstretched wrists impaled with my selfishness brow bleeding from thorns of pride Your back whipped with my words of hatred I've thrust my spite into Your side I can't comprehend why You even care for me but You choose to be there my life a life of worship and praise I dwell in the midst of Your spirit my heart change begins on the inside I now have my feet on solid ground help me to trust in You to leave behind my shame and regret free my mind from the grasp of the liar my God release me from death give me life.

My Life /

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