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Gold rush of religion, give the people God Cry out to whatever name you choose For your convenience Here's your quick served lie For your salvation There's no way to lose A compromise to suit yourself But it doesn't seem to fit too well Blind fear reaction earch for inner peace No name religion, who is your god? Feed the need to save our souls, whichever way we please Pardon my sins, try to rid my guilty conscience with ease Don't want to think, Generic mind Don't want to search, Generic heart Don't want to see, Generic view Just want my fix, Generic god Have you really found peace? Wide is the road to destruction Narrow the path to life Salvation has been given through one name The name of Jesus Christ Eager for redemption, don't want to be responsible Try to live the truth, just don't hold me accountable Only one can mediate, between God and man Only through His hell can we obtain heaven The Way, the Truth, the Life There's no other way to God

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