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Fences On The Inner

No boundary lines set in place plenty of room to face my faith an infinite yard without a fence a lack of absolutes has left you dead without remorse void of all conscience no right or wrong only self at the center of your own universe I can see you're stranded with no one to help as a boy I ask why what is the significance the tear drops from my eye without a hope it's meaningless what if by chance I went too far step out of line and broke the rule the blood of guilt covers my hands through my sin what if the choice was wrong a light upon me exposes my nudity that I would not have seen shadow the end result to be cast into hell at least

then I would know where I am your answer to your loneliness hasn't got you anywhere but in a mess the scars all over your body that you cover up are still there and they're everywhere I think I might know what you need but I know you don't want to hear it from me so go ahead and sit on the throne of your heart and be your own god I'm sure you'll make it far who will drag you out when you have fallen down and you can't get up on your own He can see you when you bleed and need a way to escape the pain of being lost inside of yourself so maybe there is a hell

Fences On The Inner /

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