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Lord Of The Dusk

Nightfall and his axe is gettin dull

Wanna burn a candle wanna burn it in a scull

Writin' letters to a friend

Stains of make-up smeared out on the hand-made smokies end

What a way to be a winner

Hate thru the mail

What a live-home little sinner

Try him he'll fail

Signin up for duty in black now

Hatin it from PO Box 4

Hear it from the Lord of the Dusk he's a bore

Screamin to an evil 4-track tape

Plug in to his headphones for a so-called aural rape

Demon posters at his wall

Posin in the snow wont let you hear the demons call

Workin on a date with the devil

Stood up for the twentieth time

Lord of the dusk fuck-up dressed like a mime

No rush tonite

Can't get it right

No vampire bite

Just a little fright

Lord Of The Dusk /

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