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Go Away Man

I'm down and out now

sittin' in a stupid chair

seems that I've been swappin' crap for years

Just a little noddy

chewin' on my bread

Little scmoozy-woozy want you dead

In a shitty mood

Go away man

Want no rocky talkin' coz I'm screwed

gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta, gotta go gotta go gotta go

On a loner thing

Go away man

coz what you say can't make the rock-bell ring

gotta go........

I've heard your records

and I've read your zines

I've got it up to here but you don't know what I mean

Just a motor-mouthie

with a borin' twist

No-goodnik meant for nothin makin' me so fuckin' pissed

Wanna eat my cheese, wanna read my sleaze

don't wanna analyze it , shut it coz I'm greased

Go Away Man /

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