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Red Noses, Shit Poses

Well I will get in the cage

and I will meet the rage

Coz I aint got no choice now

Gotta turn the page

And when I hear the roar

You know I gonna soar

I know it's comin down to the will yeah

like it did before

I'm standin on the edge of my feet

Gotta whip it till I break it down

Got me dancin' to the animal beat when I

want the death of a clown

What I hate is the goddamn nose

Shit shoes and a sad excuse for clothes

The time has come for your final fall

So get up this is your curtain call

I gonna shit inside of your pants - You got it comin'

Slap you with my mighty hands - You got it comin'

Break you dammit break you down

I want the death of a clown

God I hate your smile

what a loser style

Fallin over like a silly child

man it drives me wild

So now you're rollin round in the dust

You get ready for the ultimate trick

Got me howlin like a trumpet baby

(Got me) cuttin into your schtick

Tonight your show is off

And I will take your stage

When it's gettin tough

you gonna need some rage

Red Noses, Shit Poses /

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