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Sputnik Monroe

Got huggin' little pants and a flashy do

Black boots and a champ belt too

Head man and he's frolickin' with the fans

Wrong look he will jump in the air

Wrong word he will shit in your hair

Monroe better dig it while he does his dance

On his feet now

Into your eye

Wanna be on the street now

You wanna live or do you wanna

Die - yeah got a satellite crash comin down on the top of your

head - yeah got a wild man on the move

Get down - yeah - what a sonic speed gonna revv it up into the

red -yeah- coz he's got the groove

Scared stiff when he enters the ring

You hear the the bell go ding-a-ling-a-ling

Meatman with them porterhouse steaks for hands

With a flash you'll get the kicks

Passed out on the count of six

Monroe better dig it while he does his dance

Sputnik Monroe /

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