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Глория Эстефан Глория ЭстефанАмериканская певица


The slow tempo of this song combines a "cuban son" with a "vallenato paseo" creating a very sweet groove. the chorus consists of an accorion and a flugelhorn as the cuban co

Bongas, maracas, and clave blissfully come together.

This song is dedicated to our children and all the love we cherish in our hearts for them the lyrics speak of how the sweet, small things, such as the way they look at us, the sound of their v

And their innocent laugh, their simple truths, and their charming presence bring a stream of deep and meaningful moments to our lives. they are the future of the world, the essence of the most

Basic value of our society. the home and the family, they are the miracle of our love.

Cuando se miran sus ojos

When they look in your eyes

Cuando se esucha su voz

When you hear their voice

Es mas linda la maana

Its finer than the morning

Nos alumbra mas el sol

Brighter than the sun

Cuando nos brindan su risa

When they give you a smile

Cuando nos dan su candor

When you see their innocence

Brota un manantial

It brings a stream

De aqua fresquita en el corazn

Of fresh water to the heart

Ellos son el tesoro

They are a treasure

Ellos sol la alegra

These lights of happiness

Es por ellos que la vida

We live for them

Se vuelve ms dulce

They give us the sweetness

Se vive mejor

Of a better life



Son los hijos la bendicin

They are the blessed children

El milagro de nuestro amor

The miracle of our love

Nos ensean como amar

They show how to love

Como abrir nuestro corazn

How to open our hearts

Son los hijos la bendicin

They are

Глория Эстефан

Milagro / Глория Эстефан

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