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Lejos De Ti

English lyrics by karen

Morris, toronto, canada

This song is more of a stright forward vallenato song with the blend of forging instruments, such as the steel string guitar, a cuban "tres" cuban "clave", and a snare drum.

T;lejos de ti" talks about being apart from the person you love and all the feelings that arise from your loneliness. this song says " with all the love from my soul I wait for you

Year and I wish to tell you with my guitar, all my feelings for you. I love you, Im always dreaming of you, and without your love Im dying.... but ill keep waiting for you".

Tengo las cuerdans de mi guitarra

I have the stings of my guitar

Tengo la noche y tengo mi voz

I have the night and I have my voice

Para entregarte con toda el alma

With which to deliver to you with all my soul

Las dulces notas de mi cancin

The sweetness of my song.

Son las tretezas y la nostalgia

My song is sadness and nostalgia,

Las amargarte del corazn

And the bitterness of the heart.

Son tus recuerdos en la distancia

They are the memories of you at a distance

Los que me llenande inspiracin

That fill me with inspiration.



Con todo el amor del alma

With all the love of my soul

Te espero en el ao nuevo

I wait for you in the new year.

Y quiero con mi guitarra

And I want to tell you with my guitar that

Decirte lo que yo siento

You are the one for whom I wait.

Que siempre te estoy queriendo

I want to tell you that I am always wanting you

Que siempre te estoy soando

And am always dreaming of you.

Sin ti yo me estoy muriendo

Without you I am dying.

Pero te sigo esperando

But, still, I am waiti

Глория Эстефан

Lejos De Ti / Глория Эстефан

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