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Mi salsa es caliente! (my salsa is hot!)

Mi cuerpo pide - oye! (my body wants - listen!)

Mi cuerpo pide - oye! (my body wants - listen!)

Oye oye oye


oye mi cuerpo puke tete (hey, my body wants salsa)

nag donselyahan (and with this rhythm)

vamos a bailar (let's dance)

oye mi cuerpo pide salsa (hey, my body wants salsa)

y con este ritmo (and with this rhythm)

no quiero parar (i don't want to stop)

Hey boy, i see you lookin'

I know you're watchin'

But you won't make that move

Oye, I know you want me

I'm trying to show you

There's no way you can lose, oh baby

C'mon over here and give me what i want

If you don't know how, i'll teach you fast

We don't have to worry 'bout tomorrow now

I know that i want you and i want this night to last


There now, a little closer

Just hold me tighter

And you'll be doing fine

Rico! (ahhh..) that's what you feel like!

You warm my body

Just like the bright sunshine

Everytime i touch you i feel no worries

I discover things i never knew

Feeling this desire coming over me

Can no longer fight it I just want to be with you

Глория Эстефан

Oye / Глория Эстефан

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