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Last Nightgm

The Man With the Mandolin

Glenn Miller

Deedely dum dum dum, Deedely dum dum,

(this is the mandolin playing the melody)

Here comes the man with the mandolin.

(Mandolin playing melody again)

He'll cheer you up 'till your ship comes in.

Loveable old fellow playing an old tune,

He comes 'round every afternoon

Raggedy old minstrel, wearing a big grin,

You'll love the man with the mandolin.

All the kids foller, all the kids holler

To the windows above.

Mamma throw a nickle and the man wil tick

A little tune we love.

(mandolin plays melody again)

Open your heart let the music in.

(mandolin again)

There goes the man with the mandolin.

From: CLDABBOTT@aol.com

Гленн Миллер

Last Nightgm / Гленн Миллер

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