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Last Night

(Why Couldnt It Last) Last Night

Glenn Miller

Written by Austen Croom, Johnson, Nick Kenny and Charles Kenny

As recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra on September 11th, 1939 with Ray Eberle

Last night, I touched your fingertips

And when I touched your lips

I fell in love last night...

Last night, I felt your heart beat fast

Swiftly the moments passed

Why couldnt it last last night?

Tonight here I am all alone

My lovely dream has flown

Why must I be alone?

Last night, why did we say goodbye?

My heart keeps asking why,

Why couldnt it last last night...?

(Transcribed by Alex Foertsch: afn@netzland.net)

Гленн Миллер

Last Night / Гленн Миллер

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