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Гленн Миллер Гленн МиллерАмериканский тромбонист, аранжировщик

Stairway To The Stars

Starlit Hour

Glenn Miller

Words by Mitchell Parish, music by Matty Malneck.

As recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra on June 26th, 1939 with Ray Eberle.

Love here in the starlit hour

Oh, heaven is in your eyes

While the wind is sobbing

Underneath the stars

Both our hearts are throbbing

Like two guitars

Love here in the starlit hour

Night whispering lullabies

Let me dream forever

Underneath the silvery skies

Will it be just as sweet again,

The glamor, the glory that we know

Will I find when we meet again

The glamor, the glorys still a glow

But tonight let us forget tomorrow

Here under the midnight blue

Love will bloom and flower

In the starlit hour with you...

(Transcribed by Alex Foertsch: afn@netzland.net)

Гленн Миллер

Stairway To The Stars / Гленн Миллер

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