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Jukebox Saturday Night

Jukebox Saturday Night

Glenn Miller

Words by Albert Stillman, music by Paul McGrane.

As recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra on July 15th 1942 with Marion Hutton and the



Moppin?up sodapop rickeys

To our hearts delight

Dancin?to swingeroo quickies

Jukebox saturday night

Goodman and Kyser and Miller

Help to make things bright

Mixin?hot licks with vanilla

Jukebox saturday night

They put nothin?past us

Me and honey lamb

Making one Coke last us

Till its time to scram

Money we really dont need bad,

We make out alright

Lettin?the other guy feed that

Jukebox saturday night

After sippin?a soda we got a scheme

Somebody else plays the record machine

Its so easy to say pet names

When you listen to the trumpet of Harry James...

(-Instrumental interlude ?la Harry James-)

We love to hear that tenor croon

Whenever the Ink Spots sing a tune...

("The Ink Spots"):

If I didnt know why the roses grow

Then I wouldnt know why the roses grow...

(Spoken)?Now listen, honey child,

If I didnt know all them little things Im supposed to know

Then I sure would be a SAD man

If I didnt know...

Money we really dont need it,

We make out alright

Lettin?the other guy feed that

Jukebox saturday night!


Transcribed by Alex Foertsch: afn@netzland.net

Гленн Миллер

Jukebox Saturday Night / Гленн Миллер

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