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Its Not Fair

Cant believethat the heart of my world

got me on my knees prayin' my eyes are lyin to me i built

a whole new life around you and in an instant we were through

as our future disappears falling like tears are the dreams of

a love i thought we shared and


It's not fair i was true to you i finally

settle down then you gone turn around and betray

the trust i had in you it's not fair after all i treated you

respectable, with care said that you'd be there now who am i to turn to

Man, I trusted you and this what I get in return you was like a

brother to me but now is see you was just waitin your turn when i'd be out

at work y'all was doin dirt stealin my heart away shared everything with

you all i was goin through now dark skies

and tearful eyes are here to stay


After all i sacrificed for my seed, said you'd give life with everything i am

wanted for you to be happy, and now slowly the life

of love you breathed into my heart is slipping away, dying today, if only

never thought i'd live to see disrespected me, how could it be throwin it

away so easily.


Its Not Fair /

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