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Your Song (For You)

Verse 1:

Wear a disguise

I see it in your eyes

Afraid to give once a heart willing to try

The love you had found

Again would let you down

Locked away now a heart longing a die


So unsure and feeling insecure

Your heart just can't endure

To rise above and fly

And set you free, to bring you back to me

The promise that you'll be

keeper to my, my heart


Now on we go

To where no one knows

But I know, that I love you even more

Tears we cry

Asking myself why

Did I let the only one that I love go

You were meant for me

Darling can't you see

This is your song

Verse 2:

Now where you are

Forever seems so far

Feels like I could never love again

Wishing you were here

to take away my fears

Life without you's a pain I couldn't bare


So afraid, you'd hurt if I had stayed

Despite all you had gave

I held it all inside

Gave your all, but soon I'd let you fall

Not meaning to at all

I realized, can't deny

Repeat Chorus

Follow me

I'll show you the way

To a brighter day

Upon the wings

Of our love

Your Song (For You) /

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