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Is It True

This is a story 'bout a day that came

Not long ago

About this girl I met

Her name's Yvette

That you might know

This girl was bad

She left me sad

Not knowing what to do

She was all wrong for me

No matter what had to be free but

She made it sem

Like she wanted to be with me

Playin' tricks on me

Tell me


Is it ture

The things people that people say you do

My man said he hit it too

You only like me for what I can do

You're not feelin' me like I'm feelin' you

Even though I try

I can't deny

Way she look making me weak

But word is she's a freak

Things I heard man, I could hardly speak

They say

Don't believe everything you hear

So what's the deal my dear

I gotta know, the way to go

On how to deal with this right here


Caught up witcha

Never pictured

Things'd ever ended up this way

With the games you play, no

Had me believing

Only scheming in the end was

Just to get your way

Still I need to hear you say


Is It True /

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