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Гленн Хьюз Гленн ХьюзБританский вокалист, бас-гитарист


Oh Father, its me your friend

I feel so good inside, Im on the mend

I broke this fever, its a cryin shame

We live and die, and then we live again!

This life is beautiful

This life is magical

This life is built on trust

And I just want 2 get on the bus

Why do I have 2 work so hard?

Ive been livin for this life

Livin for this life

Oh Mother, thank U for my life

Youve always been right there by my side

Just like the footprints in the sand

You make me see, U make me understand

Thank U for the morning sun

The crystal lake, another dawn

The mountain high, the valley low

The river wide, the falling snow

The happiness U gave 2 me

The love U give so endlessly

And U will live inside of me

Now Im the proudest son U see!

Гленн Хьюз

THIS LIFE / Гленн Хьюз

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