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Гленн Хьюз Гленн ХьюзБританский вокалист, бас-гитарист


Three years gone, comin' back strong

House in the hills, Beverley Hills

You can't get a thrill

Hold back resistance

Don't need assistance

So follow me babe, you can't go wrong

You know babe I'm comin' back

I'm comin' back strong

I'm comin' back strong

I lived so good, too good, that's Hollywood

I've been the fool

But that ain't cruel

If you want me

You can have me baby

You can take me

If you want me baby

If you want me

You got to pay the price

If you want me take my advice

I'm comin' back strong

One friend in the city, now ain't that a pity

Everybody loves ya, everybody leaves ya

They all leave ya sometime

Hold back resistance, don't need assistance

So follow me babe

So follow me babe, cos I'm back strong

Comin' back strong, you know, comin' back strong

Гленн Хьюз

L.A. CUT OFF / Гленн Хьюз

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