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Гленн Хьюз Гленн ХьюзБританский вокалист, бас-гитарист


When the sky was burnin' red

When the mountains crumble and fall

And I was outta my head

That's when I heard you call

I can feel a change in the weather

I put my feet on the ground

I had to pull myself together

I'm gonna tell you what I found

Better man - I know

I'm a better man

Better than before

Won't you let me go

And let the river flow

When the sea did cover the land

And you did not believe in fate

Came to me and gave me your hand

Only a fool would hesitate

Now you can tell me brother

Cuz I've been away too long

There's one way or another

Cuz I never felt so strong

So walk with me my friend

Cuz I want you to see

And I cannot pretend

Cuz I just gotta be...

Гленн Хьюз

BETTER MAN / Гленн Хьюз

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