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Глен Кэмпбелл Глен КэмпбеллАмериканский кантри певец и гитарист.

If This Is Love

The palpitating beast that beats within my battered breast

Burning and bedevilling, not allowing any rest

The thunder in my mind reflects the storm within my heart

The blasting, blaring sound that tears my soul apart

If this is love

Who nee-eeds it

There's a tender tempting feeling that is blowing in my mind

Soothing and caressing a part of me that's blind

A warming worm that's mellowin' and eating my resolve

Changing and challenging my cold heart to dissolve

If this is love

I wa-an' it

Now a flaming, flaring fire I feel has trapped me in it's trance

Flashin' and flickering and forcing me to dance

I'm raised by its pure energy, aborning me anew

Blinding but enlightening, I know the fire is you

If this is love

Woh, I wa-an' it

If this is love

I wa-an' it

If this is what lo-ove is like

Oh yes, I nee-eed it

Oh if this is what love is like

I wanna have a taste of it (fade)

Глен Кэмпбелл

If This Is Love / Глен Кэмпбелл

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