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Глен Кэмпбелл Глен КэмпбеллАмериканский кантри певец и гитарист.

Fate Of Man

Pity a man for he don't know

The trouble he'll pass goin' down life's road

When a man is one and twenty he thinks he knows it all

He can't see down the road of life where he'll ever fall

But fall he will as he travels through life

With all its pitfalls troubles and strife

Now at 50 he's goin' real strong

He has him a family and a nice little home

But old age is creeping up his spine

And the day is comin' when the sun won't shine

Now at 60 he won't have to guess

He's already missed the boat that leads to success

But he's done his best and he can't see why

The fame of life just passed him by

Now at 70 he can see the light

And he knows he's never been very bright

But he's done his best as he's travelled by

And now all he can do is just sit and sigh

Pity a man for he don't know

The trouble he'll pass goin' down life's road

Now at 80 he's ready for the wreath

He's wore out his hair and two sets of teeth

He has rheumatism in his hands and feet

And nothin' seems good to eat

So you can pity him as he goes up the line

As he wobbles on the spindle and his almost blind

And you can tell by the way that he travels alone

That it won't be long before he's goin' home

But if he's kept the commandments as he's travelled through life

He'll have a home in heaven where there'll be no strife

He's worked all his life to get things the way he wants 'em

He comes here against his will and he goes away disappointed

Глен Кэмпбелл

Fate Of Man / Глен Кэмпбелл

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