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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

That burning feeling.

Red liquids.

Clear liquids.

Blessed are the sick.

Children shiver in the river.

Where is our god now?

Does he watch over all in El Segundo?

He don't lie when he say,


I'm wasting away.

I find time to pine.

When pining away my time.

Within sin

With no redemption

We will find our souls

and the shells they're kept in

all wasted away.

Blessed are the sick in me.

The prey, the thrill, the chill and we

are martyrs that crumble on time.


We'll stop upon dimes.

and hed constructed us all in El Segundo,

as the shivering children pray.

Demons in

demons out.

Cry for dawn.



I'm the matador of the children's ward.

Beggars wed choosers.

Red sheets.

Bed sheets.


I'm the head fan.

Blessed be my bed pan.

It's a cold, having just been mugged feeling.

In the sun

I've got this for you

it's under my finger nails.

I brought this for you.

It's typically Sunday.

I'm digging a hole.


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence / Glassjaw

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