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I Will Be There

I'm Still Searching

Glass Tiger

The rumors are vicious

My ears are burning

It's been a long hard day

Telephone rings

I still got nothing to say

Considerations tossed

Out the window

I feel a little bit wired

The rules say anything goes

But I don't want to play

You said I could walk away

Take me back to where

My life burns

I'm still searching for something

I'm still looking for someone

But I'm caught in the middle

Of a broken heart

And a life on the run

Took a long walk

I went down through the backstreets

I heard the city scream

Reminds me of the time

I run wicked and free

Now here I stand all alone

But I'm back to where

My life burns.

One heart

One home

But I'm still holding on

I've loved

But I've roamed

Now I'm goin' home goin' home.

From: Starlawill@aol.com

I Will Be There /

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