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This Island Earth

Vanishing tribe, vanishing love

And as the sun goes down

It marks the end of day

When the moon comes out

It takes my breath away

In my memories

The children dance and sing

Bringing happiness that only children bring

I've seen the new world come

I see the old world go

I've watched the sky shed tears

Till rivers overflow

I feel the mountains move

I'm watching nature die

I hear the young men singing

As the old men cry


Vanishing tribe, vanishing love

Vanishing tribe, vanishing love

I've had my life my time has come

Vanishing tribe.

Now as I near the light a shadow follows me

On such a tribal night she sets her children free

They can take my life but

They can't take my home

Dance closer to the light

I vanish all alone.


I see a distand light

The stars are burning bright

My tribe is fading ...


This Island Earth /

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