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One Night Alone

I know the story

I've seen it all

Watched many lonely suns

Rise and fall

I've ehard the whisper

I've seen the dream

Caught in the middle

Of in between

Loving and hurting

Still turn round

In the wheel together

Live for you!

Die for you!

What will I do if I've

Lost you forever

Now or never

When will your lovin'

Ever come

I need to be there

One to one

When will your lovin'

Ever come

I've got to be there

One to one

I've seen the same thing

So many times

You think you're different

Then you fall in line

Stop charading don't pretend

There is no finish line

The game just ends

My life and your life

Still chasing dreams

That go on forever

Hear me!

Believe in me!

I'll be there for you whenever

Now or never

So now it's over

Said and done

I realize I never could

Have won

Let's talk it over

Let's turn it down

I found the fortune

That can't be found

My heart and your heart

Just beat in time

Still locked together

Stay with me

You give me

Loving so good that's new forever

Now or never

One Night Alone /

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