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Crossing Over

(Words by Van Halen)

I reach across to the other side

To make contact with you

Though in slumber you fill my dreams

And I make contact with you

Don't ask me why I'm crossing over

Oh, crossing over....

I never got to really know you

The way I want to now

So many things I didn't tell you

I wanna tell you now

Tell me why, oh Lord, you're crossing over

(I gotta come back to see your face)

Oh, crossing over

(I wanna hear you call my name, feel your touch)

Reaching out, reaching out

(Hear your voice again)

(To hear your voice again)

Crossing over

(To feel your touch)

Reaching out

(To feel you)

Crossing over

(To feel)

Reaching out, reaching out

Crossing over

Van Halen

Crossing Over / Van Halen

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