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Home In San Antone

(Floyd Jenkins)

Haven't got a worry

Haven't got a care

I haven't got a thing to call my own

Though I'm out of money

I'm a millionaire

I still have my home in San Antone

When I greet my neighbor with a "hi y'all"

I'm wealthy as a king upon a throne

You can have your mansion or your cottage small

I'll just take my home in San Antone

Traveling around the country

On my merry way

I've been to crowds and felt I was alone

But when I feel like braggin'

I just up and say

I'm a native son of San Antone

There's a sweet somebody by the Alamo

Someday she's going to be my very own

And we'll buy a high chair in a year or so

For our little home in San Antone

Джордж Страйт

Home In San Antone / Джордж Страйт

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